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Culture Values Assessment

How healthy is your company? The Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) is an economical, customizable, quick and easy way to gauge your company's cultural health.  To learn more and see a sample Cultural Values Assessment Report - click here.

Leadership Assessments

Leaders only grow and develop when they get regular feedback. Do you know what others appreciate about you? Do you know what advice your boss, peers and subordinates can offer you to improve your leadership style? Do you know how you are contributing to the successes or problems within the organization? Do you know your level of personal entropy?  The answers to all these questions are provided by the Leadership Values Assessment.

Leadership Training  
& Development

Do you want to quickly learn techniques & strategies to help your team rise above a crowded market? Leadership development includes the following disciplines: Winning sales presentations | Building, cultivating and maintaining customer relationships | Effective sales coaching | Transformational leadership | Giving effective feedback | Creating an "accountability" culture | Better sales meetings | Achieving extraordinary success.  Learn more here.


Learn the 6 selling disciplines that will help you outsell the competition and stand out in a crowded marketplace.  All programs 100% customized.  Video sales training, powerpoint reviews, new product introductions


The "Retail Profit Explosion" program teaches, among other disciplines, 7 sure-fire strategies guaranteed to dramatically increase your revenue and cause a profit explosion in your business.  Click here for all the details...

A few client comments

Chris Hagle - Olympic Eagle Distributing

"We've been working with Darryl since 2010.  He's very cognizant of delivering training and development in such a way that our team learns - but that the learning doesn't interfere with the time we need to achieve our sales goals."

Tom Aronson - Monroe Capital

"Darryl’s ability to move quickly and thoroughly, provided the information needed to make the appropriate investment decision for our team."  

Angela Vasquez - Khorus Consulting

"Darryl has a unique combination of valuable methods and problem-solving, coaching and motivational skills."

Steve Mentor - Prestige Wine

"Darryl held the group the whole time. He told motivating stories of inspiration and triumph from his newest book, while sharing many relevant, industry-specific business lessons " 
Books by Darryl Rosen

NEW! Team Energized 
50 Easy Ways to Fuel a Culture Of Energy And Engagement In Your Company 

Fueling a change in the entire culture of your company is no easy task. That level of employee commitment won’t just happen on its own, no matter how much you want it to. Luckily, small changes in your way of doing business can have a major impact on your team’s performance. Team Energized! is about how you as a leader can quickly and easily fuel a culture of energy and engagement, and how you can create an environment where people go the extra mile for you. Turn to any page and you’ll find a quick leadership lesson that you can put into action today to see positive change. Learn and practice these skills and, before long, you’ll be fueling a culture of passion and enthusiasm both on your team and in your company.
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